Friday, August 24, 2007

3 Way's To Amp Up Your Heavy Bag Work

Bored with your heavy bag work? Well, In this brief article I will discuss three ways you can up the intensity of your heavy bag training.

1. Wear Heavier Gloves. Simply put on a pair of 16 or 18 ounce gloves... Doing this will cause your hands to drop as you fatigue, so you have to work just as hard to keep them up.

Your shoulders will burn like hell, but the improved conditioning and definition of your body will be well worth it. * Note* If the heavier gloves impede good technique....put the lighter gloves back on.

2. Add Intervals Of Fast Punching. This is ass kicking way to up the intensity. Simply add 15-30 second intervals of fast, hard punching to the round. You punch at a moderate tempo for 30 seconds... Then for 15...or if you really want to be hard core... 30 second intervals.. you punch as fast and hard as you can.

Go back to 30 seconds moderate then repeat the interval punching. Try using 2 minute rounds at first. Then as your conditioning improves move up to three minute rounds... Warning though... it's not for the faint of heart. Performing these intervals will make your heart feel like it's going to beat right out your chest.

3. Use Shorter Rest Periods Between Rounds. Try adding 30 second rest periods between rounds of your heavy bag work. You may be thinking this doesn't sound like much but I guarantee you this will bust your ass!

So now that I have given you three options to add to your heavy bag training, get your ass in the gym and put them to use. Try adding one, or depending on your current condition, all three.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Put Your Heavy Bag Work In High Gear

Be sure when working the heavy bag you are mixing up the velocity of your punches. Many fighters work the heavy bag with a lazy tempo.

We are creating habits in our training... Good or bad they are being formed. So be sure to change up your punches on the heavy bag as you would in a fight.

A great way to up the intensity and your conditioning is by changing how hard and fast you throw your punches on the heavy bag.

Mix bursts of savage power in with combos of blazing speed. Just like you would in the ring.You are always going to be changing the velocity of how hard and fast you punch in a fight... so make it no different when working the bag.

Here's how you add it you your heavy bag training...

Work on power boxing( Throwing hard punches) for a minute... Followed by 30 seconds to even a minute of speed punching. Going back and forth for the duration of the round.....

This will really kick your ass at first. It's a great way to train and bring your conditioning to new heights. It's also a better way to prep yourself for the punch output you will actually need in the ring.

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