Monday, September 29, 2008

A True Throw Back Fighter In Every Way.

It's no secret that Shane Mosley loves to fight. He also loves to train and respects the sport fully by taking care of himself between fights staying in shape. This is why he can still compete on a world class level at 37 years young.

Mosley closed the show brilliantly electrifying the crowd with his twelfth round ko of Mayorga last Saturday night. Shane knew it was a close fight and went in for the kill and got it by jumping right on Mayorga after knocking him down. Shane is a pro's pro. He knows how to fight and he knows how to close the show.

Shane also does what few of these fake ass fighters do now a days by calling out and wanting to throw down with the most dangerous opposition possible. I'm talking about Magarito here. Why doesn't Oscar fight Magarito? Because he isn't what Shane is... A REAL fighter. The same can be said of Mayweather.

Shane has always tested his skills against the best. He just loves to fight! Sure he loves making money too but how many of todays fighters jump at the opportunity to fight the best?

De La Hoya and Mayweather were and are buisness men in winning multiple titles in multiple weight divisions. They often ducked the best while feasting on the weak when collecting belts along the way. Shane is willing to fight the beast that they have been ducking in Magarito.

If they had Mosley's competitive drive and balls they would've engaged in far more competitive and memorable bouts. This is why you are going to see more Mexican fans rooting for Manny Pac when he fights Oscar. Oscar may have millions but he doesn't have his own people's respect. Mayweather has never been a draw for many reasons too.

You got to give Shane much props in closing the show against the awkward Mayorga. If you can't blast out Mayorga out in the first few rounds he can be a pain to deal with as he was last Saturday. His style can throw you off like it did to Forrest and Spinks. Shane fought threw it and fighting all the way.

The way he closed the show is a perfect reflection of his attitude and drive. It takes a lot to get Larry Merchant excited but Larry knows how rare a fighter Shane is. That's why he's a future hall of famer and that's why he'll be missed when he's gone.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another new trainer for a fighter with no identity and the same old excuses.

Yes, it's official. Oscar has another new trainer. Get ready for the same old bulls hit of Oh Man! I've been learning so much in this camp and doing things I got away from. Buuuut. Will Oscar throw Nacho Beristain under the bus if he loses like he did to Freddie Roach?

I think Nacho is a great trainer and on paper it makes sense for Oscar to be working with him since Nacho trained Juan Marquez for his two close fights with Manny.

The thing is Juan had a lot of success with his awesome counter punching against Manny. That's his style. That's what neutralized Manny along with his super human grit. Oscar isn't a counter puncher though. What the hell is his style anyways can anyone tell me? Eight weeks or so isn't long enough to transform him into that style. What is he going to fall back on in a close fight?

Oscar has never taken full responsibility for his performances. The trainer is the first to be blamed after a loss. That's the problem though, Oscar has never gelled into his own. I mean look at all the success he had with the jab against Mayweather and he abandons it?! Where's the discipline there? That issue is with the fighter NOT the trainer. Roach was not to be blamed. The bottom line is great fighters stick with what works and use it till they win. Is Oscar a great fighter?

You never heard of Ali running through trainers, How about the great Sugar Ray Robinson? He did have over eight trainers either. They both were great and took responsibility and molded a style of their own.

So get ready for the same old camp notes from Oscar. All the fucking hype. He has to pull the trigger though and like Roach knows, he can't.

For as long as Oscar has been in boxing you'd think he would test drive Nacho first in a tune up fight! The timing for Oscar to change trainers again before a big fight against a fighter with big balls and heart is fucking foolish. It doesn't matter to Oscar though cause he'll just pass the blame on the trainer ass always. He knows that as long as he's fighting he'll have trainers waiting in line for the opportunity to train the golden boy for mega cash.

Makes you wonder how a trainer like Teddy Atlas would handle this situation. Teddy would handle it by not putting himself in that situation by being short sided focusing on the $$. Teddy turned down Oscar years ago because he saw through all that bullshit. It's time that everyone else opens their eyes to it too. Too bad Nacho won't.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Q/A: The importance of neck training in your boxing training workouts.

Hey as a boxer how important do you think neck training is. I have been doing wall leans currently and thats about it i was going to buy a neck harness.

You know of any other good ways to train the neck besides the bridge, that exercise just doesn't seem right to me.

also with wall leans I train all 4 sides of my neck leaning against the back, front, and sides of my head. I keep my back straight and everything align is this a good exercise to be doing for boxing.

also I train my back a lot with rows and dead lifts and face pulls. Thanks, J

J...Strengthening the neck/cervical region is very important in a boxer's training.

A neck harness works well, you can train side flexion with it too.

Try iso band holds with jump stretch bands Bands and Tubing. Increase the intensity of the holds by using a larger band and holding longer. Try starting off with 10 sec. holds, you can train flexion, extension, side flexion. Great for strengthening the neck.

J, Wall leans work great to correct forward head and strengthen the muscles of the lower cervical spine. ( along with stretching the subobcipital muscles by performing the chin tuck stretch.)

To increase the intensity hold a weight plate, med. ball, etc.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's not Old School, It's being a Profesional with Common Sense.

This past weekend we had several fighters having problems making weight and one big fight was actually scrapped due to this. The culprit in scrapping the big fight was Joan Guzman. Campbell-Guzman was a fight that many were looking forward too. It was a fight that would help clear who the best at light weight is.

Guzman fucked all that up by coming in way too heavy and saying he was too weak from making the weight to even fight. What bullshit! What was his team thinking 3 weeks ago when Joan stepped on the scale? Where is the professionalism there?!

There's quite a few writers saying that the old school way of staying in shape between fights is all but gone... Fighters like Shane Mosley, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Beranrd Hopkins respect boxing enough to stay in shape between fights. But the thing is, it's not old school but fucking common sense! It's called being a professional. If these fighters don't want to be professionals then fine their asses for blowing a big promotion and fucking a fighter who respects the fight and sport enough to come fully prepped.. I'm talking about Campbell here. Guzman should be the last in line for another big fight cause all that shit he was popping off and he couldn't even make weight?! A big fight and promotion was blown, he must be used as an example. Suspend him for his lack of effort and integrity. Take away the big pay days until he is ready to take away the big portions at the dinner table! If I was Campbells manager I'de be suing Guzmans ass.

Sergio Mora had problems making weight too and had to dry out for over an hour to make the weight. Keep in mind that he was over by four pounds the night before and he was trying then to cut. This obviously took it's tool on Serio's body. The result was a lackluster performance and huge loss against a motivated and very fit Vernon Forrest. To fuck around with making weight against a world class fighter in Vernon Forrest guaranteed disaster and that's what happened in Mora loosing decisively against Vernon.

Just a few months ago, Mora was on top of the world, now he's on the bottom of the totem pole cause he was came in too heavy. He said he needed at least eight weeks to prepare. Maybe so, but what he needed to do was keep himself fit so if he was rushed into a short camp making weight wouldn't have been an excuse. But that's exactly the excuse he gave. All Sergio had to do was take responsibility and this shit wouldn't have happened. That's all it comes down too... Act like a pro.

That's why old school fighters stayed in the gym and fought often. It kept them sharp and in shape. They knew that things happen fast in boxing and they wanted to be ready. The young James Toney knew this and did it by fighting often, as did Julio Cesar Chavez. This also allowed both to have long careers.

To them it wasn't old school, but fucking common sense and being pros.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How to be better prepared in your boxing strength training workouts.

When it comes to training do you guys think in terms of using tools or using one training philosophy? I hope your heads aren't welded shut and you learn to use different tools depending on the different goals you have in your training.

Just like in a fight, fighting one style will get you success up to a point. But being a well rounded fighter allows you to achieve more. So as it is in training. We need to take from the different training methods/philosophies out there and add them to our training to ensure even more gains than following one training system.

Fighters often up their game when they get out of their comfort zone and study another art adding to their game and calling on that added skill in a fight when needed. That's how performance enhancement training should be. Learn from the different training methods out there so you have the proper and ideal training tools necessary to call upon when the goal or situation demands them the most.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Are the bigger fighters disappearing from the US?

Alywn Cosgrove emailed me and commented on when he looked at Ring mags top 10 rankings only two American heavyweights were ranked. Only one cruiserweight... What the fuck is going on here? I'll tell you what....

I've talked to my other friends and fellow coaches about this all the time... They're all playing basketball and football!

Look.... Boxing particularly amateur gyms need to do a better job at marketing! Give these kids WHILE they are young a choice of WHAT to do.. Not just to decide football cause that's all they see!

I don't believe in making it hard to find or enter a gym.. by referral, interview any of that shit when it comes to boxing gyms.. The weak will get weeded right away...The diamond in the roughs are the kids wandering around the streets cause they think they don't have anything else to turn too... Team sports aren't for them as they are seen as out casts... OR you the genetically gifted kids who choose football or basket ball cause that's ALL they see!

Boxing needs to be put in their face to get them to look at it.. boxing has what the other sports don't INDIVIDUAL glory... No one to blame for failure and no one to share success with but yourself! This isn't greed.. it';s a challenge and true competitiveness to the fullest with the utmost satisfying hight that YOU did it! Something in you was brought out...that wasn't developed before.. sure you get that out of some team sports but boxing is the truth in this...

BUT with better marketing must be GOOD coaches to develop the future of boxing,, Let me ask you this.. How many potential future heavy weights have been scared out of gyms cause they were pushed to fast to spar? I guarantee you many! How do we know there isn't many big fighters entering boxing gyms? How do we know they aren't being pushed out as fast as they are entering cause of the lack of quality coaching?!

It comes back to systems and progression... The foreign countries have this set up where the fighter is brought through the system while being developed...There is trust AND honor in their pro and amateur boxing programs...

We don't have that here and we don't have it in the kids faces to give them a choice to be our future heavyweights...

The more trust, the more word of mouth which is the best marketing.... the more full the gyms will be...with numbers comes the more potential that a future heavyweight will be born from a good coaches system... A good system doesn't mean shit without numbers/bodies...The more fighters that succeed through this system the more kids that see and hear about this will want to do it...The future is born here in my opinion....

Friday, September 5, 2008

Louie Simmons talking explosive power training for boxing .

Here's an interview I did with Lou a while ago.. Lou stopped by my new gym and we're doing another video interview for my but I wanted to share this clip with you.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why it's often better to take a step back in your boxing training workouts.

Fighters are often paranoid that they aren't training hard enough. They can show up at the gym spar several rounds and if they get tired they freak out by performing more road work. More road work in their minds is the answer to preventing them from getting tired as they did in that sparring session.

More road work isn't the answer here to greater gains in stamina... To take a step forward in training, the fighter often has to take two steps back.

Taking two steps back in the form of cutting their training volume and rest. Now old school skill trainers may bark at this as weakness but in reality it relates to better progress.

Listen to your body during your boxing workouts. If you're coming to the gym tired, irritable, or feeling lackadaisical, perform a light workout and then take the next day off, maybe two.

This will prevent over training and once you understand how to mange your training intensity/stressors you will perform better than ever on your sparring days instead of puttering out.

Road work isn't the answer... Recovery often is.

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