Friday, August 29, 2008

A tough guy inside the boxing ring and out of it.

George Chuvalo was a TOUGH sob in the ring facing Ali, Frazier, and Foreman while going the distance. He could take a lot of pain. Watching this video will show you how much tougher he is and has to be in life.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Final thoughts on our 2008 Olympic Boxing Team.

Here is an article Alwyn Cosgrove and I co authored. Alwyn is extremely passionate about boxing too and we were fed up with all the excuses about the scoring system in Olympic boxing. Written is our wrath about what was really going on. Enjoy.

Don't blame the scoring, blame the system. Why our Olympic Boxing team continues to fail.

After another disappointing Olympics we hear the some old cry of.... The scoring system is just that bad. Really? Then why does Cuba continue to dominate? Look at a small country like Ireland who has 3 fighters in the semi finals who are guaranteed a medal. How can they do it? I'll tell you why, because they have mastered the scoring system and their training systems that prepare them for the Olympics are superior to ours.With 303 Million people, the richest country in the world, best training facilities, best coaches, you'd think that the preparation would be there. What I have seen in these Olympics is the US is not prepared....

The problem is - we all know the system sucks - the scoring sucks - the judging sucks. We KNOW this.

But it sucks for everyone. We KNOW it's going to suck - we know it's not "real" boxing - but Cuba and Ireland and Great Britain seem to figure this out and develop athletes, coaches and styles that can win. The USA has one medal. That's the same as India, Azerbijan, Turkey, Moldova and Mauritius btw. And less than Thailand or Ireland.

Yeah - it's a completely different sport. But it's been different since 92. We had the WORLD champion at this "different" sport and he was too busy looking at the crowd and seeing "what's up" with his FANS instead of listening to the national team coaches. What ? He didn't know how it works? He didn't know to look at his corner and see what the score was? No - he knows how it works..... we just sent a guy who "forgot".....

The US is too busy complaining about the SYSTEM and the JUDGING. Meanwhile the rest of the World gets it - adjusts their training, adjusts their styles and wins medals.

FIBA basketball is different from the NBA. Different system- different judging etc -- but the US basketball team adjust and overcome. The US boxing team is like a spoiled little girl whining that "it's not fair...."

Let's stop whining about Olympic boxing and just understand, adjust and dominate. We got three medals in Taekwondo btw. Looks like we understand that better than we understand boxing right now....

STOP BLAMING the system, the scoring, the judging, the system, the structure and the way Olympic boxing has changed and what it has turned into and start taking responsibility. We are not being ripped off. We are not being hard done to. We are failing in every respect to deliver the goods.

It may be a different sport compared to pro boxing - but we have to stop ignoring that and start embracing it. Adjust. Develop. And Produce athletes.

BMX is a new sport and we managed to understand the requirement and win two medals. But with Olympic boxing we still don't get it after 16 years in this new system.

Here is what's really beating us at the Olympics.

Communication. One of the dumbest things USA boxing does is appoint a head coach to the team that has no idea what truly makes the team tick. Ask anyone who has ever fought before what it's like to have a different coach work you're corner. It's not the same and it can build resentment like it did in this years team. What the hell good does that do, sending a team to the Olympics already beaten with inner turmoil!?

I don't give a shit how many months a fighter spends with the Olympic head coach before the Olympics. Try taking a child away from his caring parents and having another family care for them and see what happens. This model doesn't work!

Communication is everything in boxing. Even quasi boxing like Olympic boxing. If trust and the coaches respect aren't there in camp and leading into the Olympics, failure is certain as it was this year.

Training methods.

We had a fighter in Gary Russel Jr. who didn't make weight and was found unconscious in his room. It doesn't get more embarrassing than that! To have that happen is beyond ridiculous at this level. Russel should have been near weight upon the Olympics or shouldn't have been allowed to fight and the alternate could've taken his place. What good does it to have a weight drained, dehydrated depleted fighter compete against the best boxers in the world. Yes I didn't use fight this time as that's NOT what they do!

Before the Olympics there was bitching and moaning about the training methods Coach Campbell was using. Can all the BS stop please?! Do you think that happens with the Olympic Boxing machine Cuba? No, they get it, they get Olympic boxing. Quasi boxing or not, there's a lot of countries that understand how to better prepare for it.

A regimen ( boxing style ) must be followed that EVERYONE is on board with. Again, is it just the egos of other coaches who aren't in charge doing this or are the training methods that bad? Not too many amateur coaches understand how to properly condition a fighter or really train them in that matter, so it's the egos. Ego's aside lets get a quality conditioning coach in place and one that can prepare the team for the Olympic style of boxing.

United we stand my ass! Everyone is against one another and how do you think the fighters react to this?! There must be ONE trusted voice, a trusted conditioning/boxing system that must be followed and agreed with, that the fighters have faith in to succeed and medal.

Proper preparation.

I'm not a fan of Olympic slapping at all. I just can't call it boxing cause we all no it isn't However, the scoring system can't be blamed any longer. We know preparation for this style is the culprit. 1992 was a long time ago. We've had plenty of time to prepare for this style of quasi fighting. So can somebody step up and take responsibility please?

We have 4 more years to plan for the next Olympics. How can we better prepare for this style? How about more international experience? How about more camps with this style of boxing?

Look, it's not that hard to adapt. We all know what we are up against. The basic principles that make any great team great are being broken. It's not the scoring. It's our training systems, which leads me too....


Ok, so what are we going to do different before the next Olympics? Are we finally done with all the patch work and bullshit quick fixes? Can we learn from the Cubans, a small country like Ireland this year that had proper training systems in place?

It's that simple. We need the right people who'll put the correct training principles/systems in place. People who understand the human body and will not allow a fighter to drop to a weight class they know they don't belong. Coaches who know how to train the boxers to adapt and adjust the the Olympic style of boxing.

USA boxing needs to allow the coaches to be with their fighters who are on the team in training camp and in the boxers corners during the Olympics. Yes, one coach, one direction, but the right voices who can have the fighters ear when the medal is on the line.

The biggest secret to Olympic success and one that we are missing out on is communication. It's obviously no secret but we've neglected it far too long. I guarantee if they experiment at the next Olympics allowing the fighters true coaches to train them and corner them, success will be enhanced.

Our team suffered some close losses due too lack of discipline and respect for the head coach. Again, why at this level. They have taken the mother away from the babies and the majority of them were crying.

Our team was beaten before competing because of this and a lack of quality training systems being in place. Nothing else.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Why Competitive Sparring is Everything in Your Boxing Training Workouts.

I recently read on a supposedly respected website that competitive sparring is important but not that important in boxing training.

Really? So the whole secret to the sweet science is just to come to the fight in great shape without really mastering the fight intangibles? For those of this that have competed in the ring and still spar, we know his is obviously bullshit. Great coaches know that they must keep the development bar raised high by putting there fighters in the ring with better fighters.

Competitive sparring allows you to see all styles, it allows you to experience many scenarios that could happen in the ring. What better place to experience them first than in the gym? Better to face adversity and new territory in the gym than in a fight where there is no backbone of dealing with it before.

That is total preparation. True SPP.

Being mediocre is a disease that affects people in all areas of their lives. Mediocre progress from a fighter can come back to haunt them on fight night. 9 times out of 10 though this stems from the mediocre mindset of the head coach who overlooks the importance of their fighter sparring with good fighters. This then stalls the progress of their fighter.

Have someone better around or really someone better in some areas where you are weak is everything. From a fighters stand point, it can result in whether their hand is raised in victory on fight night.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Is Olympic Boxing Gold Losing it's Luster and Allure?

The Olympic boxing team has been another disappointment but I'll admit, I haven't been watching. Boxing?, that's not what's going on! That's also why I don't watch.

The scoring system has changed the face of international boxing into a game of tag, clinch, run, hold. Hey if you like watching that shit more power to you. Just don't call it boxing cause I sure the hell don't train my young fighters to fight that way nor do I have the desire to ever teach them such a twisted style of quasi fighting.

Young men should play grab ass with chics not young dudes... hey I'm a boxing coach... I'm not a boy scout leader fucking with funny shit like that.

So since I teach boxing, how will my young fighters ever make a run for Olympic gold? They won't and that's good because as you read in my blog archive the bullshit is too thick to succeed. I'll be damned to leave my fighters to a coach and system that teaches grab ass and run! All the work I instilled would be down the drain.

This leaves me to my point. Pro boxing is where the money is and yes it's still polluted with politics. However you have to fight to make money and draw. Money isn't handed to fighters wearing track shoes who slap. People don't pay their hard earned money to watch that garbage. So what happens to the amateur fighter who medals winning a gold or silver and expects... or his naive management expects will be the next great champ while drawing crazy crowds all the way?

Well, I have to tell you that shit ended with De La Hoya back in 92. Yeah Oscars story line of winning a gold for his deceased mother along with his looks and charisma more so paved the way for the attraction he was and still is. Really it was the way he fought along with that. Matched soft or not, he knocked his cannon fodder out as he fought with a PRO style.

Andre Ward who won the Gold in the last Olympics is just NOW starting to develop into a pro! He's been looking really good now and he may be a super star yet, but the transition has been painfully slooooow with that international style he develop in the amateurs.

With slow progress comes doubt in the investment that the management laid down. With that comes hesitation of future medal signings.

I have to ask, do you actually think that many of these managers and promoters are salivating at the current Olympic class? That's what I thought. The last class that showed much promise was the 96 class of Mayweather, Vargas, Tarver, Reid, Diaz,. All former world champs. All fought with a pro style. Although Mayrunner turned into a slap and track star before retiring.

The 76 and 84 class kicked ass, the 88 class was great too( but that's when the scoring changed), the 92 and 96 class gave us some pretty damn good fighters also despite the new scoring system.

So what happened to the 2004 and this years class? The proof is in the team trying to master the system and the promise of big money signing bonuses that come with winning a medal are gone due to that system of quasi fighting. What a shame and what a bunch of shit to call that boxing. At least the pro managers and promoters are boycotting that shit in their own way by closing their pocket books.

The best amateur prospects are starting to be the ones that leave early. Hell, pro managers are starting to look at the national and US champions only as a solid investment overlooking the Olympic and I don't blame them one bit.

Just don't fault the fighters, fault the system and don't call Olympic boxing boxing.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nobody to blame but himself.

Raushee Warren should be moving on in the Olympics if it wasn't for his listening to the wrong voices. Raushee chose to listen to the voices from the crowd that were yelling for him to move instead of the instruction of his corner for him to score. Who's in charge anyway?

I don't feel sorry one bit for Raushee, even if you think you are ahead and the crowd thinks you are, you never take anything for granted and must seal the deal. He didn't. He lost and should have listened to his coaches pleas. Those are the voices that should be filling your ear amidst all the crazy cheering and yelling. That bothers me that the corner didn't have his attention.

This is Olympic boxing, we all now the scoring system is fucking bullshit, but if you're going to run, save it for the track and not the ring.

With Raushee's experience he should have known better. Bullshit scoring or not, go out punching not running. Obviously your chances of winning are better in a close fight.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beaten Before Competing.

The USA Olympic boxing team has been off to a bad start even before the Olympics started. The typical bitching and moaning of the head coach has caused a rift in the team. I don't agree with appointing a head coach who has not trained the fighters who made the team. The coaches that got them there should work their corners.

The politics and structure of USA boxing is just such a joke and to think of them as elite?! Those days have loooong been gone. The powers that be are VERY over rated and under qualified. Think I'm full of shit? Sending a team to the Olympics with bitching and moaning of the questionable training methods of the head coach is guaranteeing disaster. The disaster appears to be taking shape.

This doesn't surprise me and neither does the news of the teams best boxer Gary Russel Jr. failing to make weight. What does surprise me and disgust me is the news of Russel being found unconscious from trying to make weight.

This is beyond ridiculous to happen at this level and at this time.

You all here me talk in disgust about the pro fighters who abuse their bodies making weight, well it's FAR worse in the amateurs. Fucking fat camps taking place before competing. If these coaches were competent at all they would know that draining a fighter to make weight all but eliminates their chances of winning a medal. But to have our best fighter do this?!

We never heard stories of Pernell Whitaker, Mark Breland, Meldrick Taylor torturing themselves to make weight during the Olympics. Those guys were highly skilled as they proved in the Olympics and the pros there after.

What the fuck ever happened to testing your skills against the best at your natural weight? Why is dropping down a weight class or two seen as such an advantage? How can putting the fighter through such a taxing experience be seen as an advantage of that fighter being stronger once making weight and seemingly regenerating?

Staying at the fighters true natural weight is the REAL advantage. That fighter is licking his chops at the news of the fighters he will be facing putting themselves through hell to make weight.

Our amateur program is whack in more ways than one and the bullshit news of our best fighter being found unconscious is all the proof you need.

I also heard of a Great Britain fighter not even trying to weight in cause he knew he was way off. FIGHT AT YOUR NATURAL WEIGHT!

If these coaches are truly confident that they are teaching their fighters the proper skills they would have their fighters stay at their natural weight as the skills and the well rested bodies of their fighters would be the true advantage.

Dropping down is such bullshit and has gotten way out of hand. Our USA Boxing program should be ashamed of themselves and should check themselves as to get true coaches with balls and knowledge of the human body that can take our team to the top.

I know this much, it isn't happening this Olympics. The politics of our program are embarrassing our Nation when all eyes are watching.