Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mosley Proved Great Fighters Are Forged In The Gym.

Shane surprised many people last Saturday night myself included. I thought Shane would have his moments just not enough of them to beat Antonio. I was pleasantly wrong. So how did he pull this off and rise to the occasion? I'll tell you how...

Mosley owes EVERYTHING he's learned in the gym as a young teenager and over the years sparring many good Latino fighters to his victory over Margarito last Saturday night. He forged a strong back bone in his sparring sessions learning the lost art of body punching. He learned how to defend against them, dish it out, and deal with hard body shots.

In looking back coming into this fight besides Antonio's strength what does he do that Shane hasn't dealt with over and over again over the many past years sparring with Mexican fighters? Nothing much is what. That's what quality sparring and gym work instills in a fighter with an over abundance of talent.

I failed to recognize this. I failed to realize that Margarito's style, strength advantage or not, fits right into Shane's. I looked at Shane's past performances against Cotto, Wright, Vargas, to voice my logic. Bad move.

Style's make fights and Margarito's style was perfect to make Shane look very special that night. Shane of course had to fight a perfect disciplined fight to take advantage and he did. He's a pro, always has been and always will be until he retires.

He also knows how to fight and take advantage of a fighters weaknesses while nullifying their strengths when their style fits like a glove to his. Mosley slayed the feared and rugged beast in Antonio, and he owes all his hard core sparring sessions over the years with Latino fighters for this huge win.

Shane proved he is old school and one of the best fighters of our generation. Shane has always been a great fighter but minus his first stellar victory over Oscar he hasn't left a lasting impression to cement his greatness... Until last Saturday night that is.

I'm not throwing Antonio under the bus either I was just shocked on how he couldn't get anything going. But then again, that's what superior ring generalship does to a fighter. Shane displayed that superbly. I'll say it again, styles make fights. Cotto beats Mosley, Margarito destroys Cotto, Mosley destroys Margarito. That's boxing!

We all should feel VERY fortunate to be able to have watched living old school fighters like Hopkins and Mosley school younger feared champions in Pavlik and Margarito.

If today's aspiring fighters want to follow even remotely close in their footsteps, they better get quality work in the gym, because that's where champions are created and forged.

It's now Pilger-1 Cosgrove-1. My bud Alwyn was smart enough to take Shane and even up the score... For now at least! :-) We have a blast analyzing fights and we both are very happy with how boxing has opened up 09. The best is yet to come in what is going to be a HUGE year for boxing.

Showcase it and they will come

Mosley-Margarito was jammed packed with real boxing fans and no promotion was really done. Price a great fight correctly while putting it in a real fight town and this is what happens. Let's hope this trend continues.

Where's Oscar?

What the hell was Oscar doing at the Affliction fight that didn't sell well that night? Oscar continues to prove that his actions don't match his fake words... When will he come out of hiding? The REAL boxing fans in LA were booing when Oscar's name was announced. Alwyn who was at the fight said " they booed so loud I thought he was in the building!" I'm glad he wasn't at the Margarito-Mosley fight because the real fighters from Golden Boy Promotions enjoyed the post fight spotlight that night in Mosley and Hopkins. They of course are what Oscar isn't.... REAL fighters.

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