Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Product of Great Match Making or Skill?

I struck a lot of readers nerves on with my latest article...

It appears that many people are fooled that Wladimir Klitschko is indeed a great fighter. I say the best heavyweight in the world is his brother Vitali. Big brother Vitali continues to beat up the fighters that have beaten or ruffed up his brother in Corrie Sanders, and Sam Peter. If big brother always takes care of little brothers problems then HE must be considered the best.

I respect Vitali far more because he is far more battle tested. He also doesn't quit or suddenly fall apart in fights when the opposing fighter fights back hard. Why the fuck is Wladimir then looked at as such a great heavyweight when big brother is the one who dominates the fighters Wladimir struggles with?!

Great match making puts quite a trance over many people it seems. Minus his dominant performance over former heavyweight champion Sultan Ibragimov, who the hell has Wladimir beat with a fighting pulse?

The shit I read coming from some people is that Wladimir is far more experienced and doesn't make the same mistakes he did in his past losses. Really?! Ok, he beat Lamon after Lamon suffered a bruising defeat to Serguei Lyakhovich and after not fighting for 15 months. Yeah, that's pretty impressive isn't it? The fuck if it is! Are you kidding me? Sure Wladimir beat the shit out of Lamon in the rematch but it was very clear that Lamon was nowhere near the fighter he was the night he knocked Wladimir out. I know that's not Wladamir's fault, but that's also what happens when you wait for the strong to get weak. Their patience and timing paid off and that's bullshit!

All good fighters lose and it's necessary for them to get better I know. Provided that the mistakes they made don't happen again OR their weaknesses aren't again exposed. Wladimir's losses have resulted from a weak chin and heart. Every fucking time he's pressured or pushed against a strong puncher these weaknesses vividly reappear.

Yeah I know it's been a while since he's showed even a glimpse of these weaknesses, but it's also been a long fucking time since he's fought any fighter with balls and heavy hands.

The way he's been matched recently has fooled many people into thinking that his weaknesses have been strengthened. I'm not buying it, styles make fights and a fighter who comes to fight turns Wladimir into a different fighter and he in turn fights a different style while wearing a skirt.

I don't give a shit that Haye hasn't beaten any top heavyweight contenders yet. Minus Arreola, he's the only one who'll come at Wladimir and check his chin. That's what I want to see, how this new and improved Wladimir handles power and pressure. Yes even against a less experienced and blown up crusierweight fighter in Haye. A fighter can't improve his chin and grow balls after he's been neutered by big punchers in the past by fighting soft opposition. Haye for as inexperienced as he is will at least check Wladamir's chin. We'll see if Wladimir does indeed still have some hanging when Haye hits him hard. Haye will carry some good power in this fight. That's all I want to see. I want to see how much he's really improved mentally and emotionally.

If Haye can pull the upset will we again see big brother coming to his little brother's rescue in getting get back? We'll soon find out when the soft match making ceases.

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OT: I like watching Manny Pacquiao again and again. I like especially Manny Pacquiao's amazing hand speed on the Double End Bag. It's so awesome!!